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  • As the  Seanad Election 2016 approaches, the question has to be asked ‘does party politics serve the people or the party’.  The fallout from the General Election 2016 has resulted in many high profile TDs losing their seats and the challenge for   political parties now is how to enhance the profile of those who lost so that they are ready for the next general election whenever that comes. The people of Ireland decided by way of a referendum to retain the Seanad in 2013.  However, I doubt that anyone voting in that referendum wanted the Seanad to continue as the old boy’s staging post that it has become since 1937.

  • SEANAD EIREANN is the Upper House of the Oireachtas or Parliament. It is called the Seanad in Irish or Senate in English and its members are called Senators. The modern Seanad Éireann was established by the Constitution of Ireland in 1937. The Constitution of Ireland is the fundamental law of Ireland and it established an Independent State based on a system of representative Democracy. Unlike the Dáil which is directly elected,   Senators are  partly appointed, partly indirectly elected and partly elected by a limited electorate.


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